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Broken Isles Invasion Timer is an add-on which provides you with an in-game notification when a new Legion Invasion Patch is happening. If you find a bug You could even get a reminder on EU for NA or on NA for EU. Current Invasion None:(US / OC. Saturday, October 21, , AM PDT Next Invasion. Current Invasion None:(EU. Friday, October 20, , PDT. I was just surprised to see all this talking about invasions in EU after . People should be bit angry about invasions set on stupid timer on EU.

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Use the World Quest Group Finder Addon to get faster some people into your group and complete the Invasion quests faster. These days, with their auto-playing video ads and the fact that their pages won't load if you're running any kind of adblock, as well as simply accessing their site being enough to DC me from WoW, I just don't use wowhead at all. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there: Mousing over the bar says to click and drag to move or right click to open options, and that's it. For the record, the invasion times themselves are NOT random.